Important Shaved Head Information for You

Hair is said to be the crown of a woman. However, for man, hair is also the symbol of their style, personality, and even manliness. Therefore, many men, especially nowadays when appearance has an important part of our life, give more attention to their hair treatment. The most important thing for hair treatment for men is the hairstyle that they use. Practical factor and easy to treat is one of an important thing to consider when choosing or giving this hair treatment. And, based on this concept, the buzz cut or completely shaved style has become popular choice today. There are also many styles that we can find, such as slave shaved and skinhead. However, there are still many questions that men have about the shaved hair. So, here is some of the information about it.

The Shaved Head Texture

The shaved head texture is important because it will become the most visible part after you shaved your hair. Most of the people think that just by using an electric clipper and shave your hair will give you best texture after you finish it. This is wrong. In fact, it will give you bad and uneven texture, which makes your head shape looks weird.

If you have long hair previously, you need to cut it short first, before using the clipper to make buzz cut style. When you cut it short, the hair will be easier to cut by clipper. On the other hand, when you keep it long, the hair still has strength. So, if you just cut it with a clipper, the result is most of your hair wouldn’t be cut, but some of them are broken. Therefore, this will produce jagged shaved head texture, which gives you weird head shape. To make everything easier, make sure you make your hair wet first before you use a clipper. Hair is in its weakest condition when it’s wet. Therefore, the blade can easily cut it.

Why I Shaved My Head

Stranger Things

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The Shaved Head Growth

Some people think that shaved head growth is much better than when you keep it longer. This is actually wrong. When you cut your hair short, your hair will look thick and have more density. But, this is actually only an optical effect. The end of the long hair is smaller than the part near the root. Therefore, when your hair is long, it looks thin. However, when you cut it short, which leave the part that near the root, the thickest part, your hair will look thicker. This condition will give you an effect that your hair grows thicker and faster than before.

The reality is the growth of your hair is affected by your age and your body condition. If you are healthy and your body metabolism is in good condition, the speed of hair growth is of course, faster. As long you consume healthy food that supports your hair health and condition you can make it grow faster and thicker. Now, you know some important information about Allie head style, shaved hair and other. With this, we hope you can choose best style and treatment for your hair.