Black Bralette Outfit Combination

Black bralette outfit is the new trend today. For a good mix and match, here are the tips on how to wear it.

Know more about how to wear a bralette

Bralette is a basically smaller crop top. It can be described as a soft bra as well. In many types of bralette, it usually has lacy and feminine touches. The easiest way to use bralette is having a tank top or sheer shirt on it. Bralette can let you show off your skin with no regular bra fully visible.

Bralette with high waist

If you are confident to show your skin, combining bralette with a high waist is a good choice. You can match your black bralette with high waist shorts or unbuttoned plaid shirt. This look is definitely the best if you go for casual activity such as for study outfit or when you hang out with friends.

Besides that, wearing black bralette under a sheer and loose sweater is also a good mixing. It works well during the chilly days. This casual look is suitable to use as study outfit or any kinds of activity you do with your friends or relatives.

Bralette for a fancy event

If you just remember that you should go to a fancy event and do not have enough time or money for shopping, you can just make use of your black bralette. Pair it with a nice maxi shirt. It is even better if you keep the color combination on black and white only.

Black Bralette Outfit

Study Day Coffee Shop Outfit

Bralette for coffee shop outfit

Enjoying a sip of coffee by keeping the style on will be a good day to enjoy. As an option, you can go for open sides clothing. The form of your bralette from your side body will give a little show of your sexiness yet can show simple and elegant look at the same time.

For other option of a coffee outfit with a black bralette, you can also combine it with sheer dress. It will work even better if the dress is having open back style. To keep the styling in the most elegant look, choose strappy bralette. It will complete and give unique look to your showy back.

Bralette match for a stunning look

If you want to go with a dazzling look with a black bralette, combining it with a leather jacket will never fail. This look can give a bit of edge. For the other or pieces, you can pick long loose pants or maxi skirt. If you already choose black color for bralette and leather jacket, it will be good if you choose khaki or light brown color for the pants or skirt.

Another change for the leather jacket can also by combining the black bralette with blazer or jeans jacket. Blazer will give your look a formal touch. For that reason, it may be better to go with long skirt or pants. On the other hand, jeans jacket always work to show youth, free and wild look. Therefore, the combination of any pieces will be fine.

Those are all about the possibilities of black bralette outfit combination.