Scotch Naturals Nail Polish Review and Ingredients

Scotch Naturals is the “adults simplest” model of our extremely popular WaterColors nontoxic nail polish for kids, Hopscotch Kids. We use the equal splendid generation with the most secure components, but we’re all grown up. From our warm seasonal hues to our splendid packaging, Scotch Naturals is the definition of Eco-Chic.

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

I’m obsessed with finding natural and non-toxic cosmetics for myself, so when I began to research nail polishes, I just really couldn’t find anything that we’re truly non-toxic. My kids are the center of everything that I do, and so when my little girls were coming home from those little fun girly girl parties getting all dolled up, with their face is breaking out from the chemicals that were used in those products. I decided I really need to define something because you know what they want to play and I want them to play, but I just couldn’t find anything.

I made it my mission to say they truly non-toxic solvent-free chemical-free nail polish. Our product is actually quite revolutionary as we’ve taken out all of the solvents which make up to about 60% of conventional polishes and replace them with water. We knew our product would be embraced by women that were pregnant and women facing health challenges, but we really wanted to make a change in the nail industry, and to do that we decided early on that we needed to catch the attention of the beauty consumer.

We need our package to be clean and sophisticated, and we needed our colors to be very fashion-forward safety and transparency are essential to us, and beauty sage provides the perfect platform for our customers to learn about our products, and how to use them successfully my sage advice is that there really is no reason why you need to sacrifice your health for beauty. There are many brands out there that are utilizing natural ingredients that are nourishing your body, that is better for the environment and definitely better for your health. I’m excited to share my products with your beauty stage because they’ve been proven to work.

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish Ingredients :

  • H2O
  • Acrylic polymers
  • Natural colorants
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Free of toxins and chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, as well as butyl and ethyl acetates
Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals Nail Polish Reviews

Let me show you what I got I decided to go ahead and repurchase some products that I have tried before the first is the scotch naturals polish remover. I use their base coat it is the only base coat. I use scotch naturals is a natural nail company it is water-based, it is kind of a sticky base and I find it really makes the polish it here. This means took the stuff a little rough to take off.

So I use their polish remover which is gentle, and it doesn’t come off right away you really have to put it on a cotton ball kind of sit for a minute. You know really let it work you, also sometimes need to take a little stick which they provided and kind of push the product off. It’ll start to come up. So it’s a little bit different to use but I’ve really liked the product. They had a special and so what came with that was the top coat. I already have a top coat, so this is one that’s in reserve.

I bought 3 new colors to go with the colors by scotch naturals that I already have the colors that I have our leprechaun Lynch, this is one of my favorite colors and I also have morning glory fizz just this kind of purple color. So these are the two that I already have in my collection, these are a bit pricey but I think that they are worth it. The other thing you have to really realize about them is that, because they are water-based, they go on dinner and sometimes take your coats.

So, for example, love this, but I would say 3 to 4 coats to get this color goes on very thin. The good news is once this puppy is on, it’s on and so I have problems with polished sticking on my nails, and so I really like it another color. I got and this is very different for me. This is called lemon Highlander but I thought this would be a fun one to play with, this is the Celtic mix and it’s a very soft sage a kind of green. The last one I got is this olive color called a ceasefire that looks like more of a fall color for me going into fall and winter. So again those are my products from scotch naturals, it is a natural company it is water-based polished.

I have enjoyed the colors, I have from them, I think they’re really stunningly beautiful, there’s a couple of the pinks that I’ve been tempted to get but I already have. So many pink polishers have kind of put a kibosh on ordering anymore. I have to say the thing, I like best about them is the performance, they are different to use and I find this a lot about these natural products.

If you go around trying to use them exactly how you use your chemical products, then not going to work because they’re preserved differently and they’re manufactured differently, they’re made differently and so they’re just going to have to take a different application in this case. You put on that sticky base coat which works wonderfully well, it also helps make your nails stronger, which I like and it really did seem to do benefits for my nails, although I’ve got a split on this one I found that those press-on nail things.

I tried those they’re supposed to last 10 days well three days for me, is it out and the 3rd day was pushing it, but they make great little nail band-aid, so when you have a nail that breaks get some of those stickers, those you know press-on nail stickers and use that.

So I change it every 3 days and it really helped, then he’ll grow out, I’ve tried before to use super glue and it doesn’t work for me, it works for about a day and then BAM, it just splits and breaks right off, and this one was down low, and so I’ve been able to kind of keep it going by my little. So I’m starting to call these little nail band-aids. I think of a mess little nail band-aids kind of mess up a manicure, but what are you gonna do anyway back to Scott’s natural really like the product have to be patient. I have to put on thin layers, maybe 3 or 4 coats to get the color that you want the top coat is uber shiny.

So even when you have a color like this, I think both of these, in fact, might go on as mats and so you look at them and you go, I’m not going to like that, yeah well put that top coat on BAM shine, you’re going to get some nice shine from them. So I would say if you’re patient and if you’re willing to try something new go ahead and give Scott’s natural a whirl, but if you’re really one of those people, you want one coat max on a nail polish, two coats would be just irritating, you don’t get these because it will drive, you crazy because you’re going to have to be very patient the other thing about them, once they’re on they’re going to stay for you, and I appreciate that a great deal.

Scotch Naturals Where to Buy

You can find Scotch Naturals product from Amazon here, and where to buy scotch naturals nail polish? You can access from here.