Should You Have a Planner for Your Personal Life?

Short answer: Yes. Which planner should you use? Short answer: ProtoPreneur Planner

The Long Story

I’ve always used various planners for my small business. But I’ve been realizing that I so meticulously organize and track my business and I don’t do that with my personal life. Sure, I attempt to track my personal finances (bills and such) and I try to plan out meals… I even used to keep a bullet journal where I tracked habits. But nothing has really worked.

I believe it’s important to have a balance between your personal and professional life. You shouldn’t sacrifice your personal health, well being and focus to be more successful professionally. It’s just not healthy. That’s why I like the ProtoPreneur Planner so much.

This planner has tons of features that allow me to consider aspects of my personal life and give just as much weight to them as I do my business. Let’s dive into those features.

How the ProtoPreneur Planner Can Change You

The planner starts by asking me to “Envision my Life”. Notice it doesn’t say “Envision Your Business.” What we want personally is just as important as what we want professionally and the two are usually closely linked. If you want to take a vacation or lost 20 pounds, the work you put into your business may directly affect those goals.

Our personal habits and goals can affect our business too. Drinking more water, working out more, eating healthier, taking more vitamins… all of these things make us healthier, more alert, and can improve our ability to grow, not only physically but mentally. I notice that on weeks I work out more, my business tends to thrive. When I fall off the wagon, business suffers.

This planner also asks me to identify who I am and who I want to work with. Having a strong sense of self and having a strong idea of the type of people I want to surround myself with is an intensely personal thing. Even if I didn’t own a business, I would want to understand these things anyway.

Should You Have a Planner for Your Personal Life

Should You Have a Planner for Your Personal Life

We all want to grow and improve. We all want to be better than we were yesterday. And that starts by setting realistic goals, both long and short-term. Habit tracking is good for short-term goals… “Today, I want to drink 3 glasses of water” or “Today I want to run a mile.” Those short-term goals are the keys to achieving long-term goals…. “This year, I want to lose 20 pounds” or “This year I want to run a marathon.” The ProtoPreneur Planner allows you to easily document both types of goals.

I mainly use the planner for my business, but I love that I can keep track of my personal growth habits easily and in a very visual way.

Grab a ProtoPrenuer Planner of Your Very Own

The ProtoPreneur Planner is created by Ask Yivi and can be found on their website, and on social media (Instagram and Facebook) Join the community and find even more growth, personally and professionally. You can sign up here receive ProtoPreneur Success mail and get access to the private Facebook Group for ProtoPreneurs that are already building their empire and getting sh** done! You can join the community through the group, get free resources, get a GSD Coaching from Yvonne herself, or see her at a speaking event. The community is meant to help you follow your dream and succeed in pursuing your passions.

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