Hate My Hair, Moreover When It Is So Nappy

The kinds of hair are in many varieties. However, some people might not get satisfied with their natural hair and still do not know what to do. Here are the solutions.

I hate my black hair

If color is your only problem, then you can have numerous options to overcome it. Hair coloring is becoming the trends of today’s style. In fact, ombre hair is one of many hair solutions to get a superb and amazing look. You can just find the right color and haircut on the internet. Then, go to your favorite salon to make it yours. If you want a more affordable option, you can color your hair by yourself as well.

I hate my nappy hair

People who have nappy hair usually are sensitive to any nappy hair jokes. Some people show different changing of a reaction related to the question of is nappy a derogatory term as well. Then, is the nappy racist term? Nappy hair does not mean that far. Nappy hair is the result of chemical styling process. If you want to know the way on how to make hair less nappy, the secret actually lies in your everyday treatment. In a week, make sure you wash and condition your hair once at least. Do not forget to choose special products, which is suitable for your hair type as well.

Why I Hate the Phrase Good Hair

Why I Hate the Phrase Good Hair

“My hair is nappy what do I do?” well, it is common if you could not get the result only by doing the previous tips. Applying hot oil treatment will also be a good additional treat for your nappy hair. This treatment is good to keep the moisture of your hair and repair your bad nappy hair.Do it once a month at least.

If the original type of your hair is straight, then you might need to forget to know how to get waves with nappy hair for a little time. It is because styling process to make your nappy hair wavy will include heat practice. Heat will make your hair brittle and eventually leads your hair to damage. If you insist to do it, you might end by saying, “I hate hair or hate my hair.” This tip goes for nappy white hair or any other colors of nappy hair.

Besides that, it is also suggested to avoid using any ingredients, which can strip the moist of your hair. Some of the ingredients are polyethylene glycol (PEG) and propylene glycol (PG). Both of these ingredients can leave your hair in straw like. Hopefully, it is enough to make you understand what to do to distinguish what you should and should not do for good hair bad hair.

I hate straight hair

Some people are desperately making their hair straight through smoothing or any other treatment. On the other hand, people who were born with naturally straight hair might getting bored of it. If this is the case, you still have many possible choices to go with the fresh and new look. Having blow dry hair in the nearest salon is one way to overcome it. If you are afraid that you might get bored easily, you can just buy a curling tool such as DevaCurl Microfiber Towel or Q Redew Handheld Hair Steamer