Eight Best Matte Lipstick 2018

Best Matte Lipstick 2018 – Some brands of matte lipsticks tend to make your lips feel dry. Dry lips, especially when wearing any kind of lipstick are not a pretty look. This should not discourage you from wearing some beautiful matte lipstick, there are many brands that have moisturizing components that will keep your lips looking fresh and beautifully colored.

Here are eight of the best matte lipsticks which will provide beautiful, long-lasting color while moisturizing your lips:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Matte Lipsticks

Not only is this YSL matte lipstick stunningly packaged, it is moisturizing and has a creamy texture, all it takes is a bit of blotting and a couple of coats. This easy to apply matte lipstick offers stunning yet moisturizing color.

2. Mac Matte Lipsticks

Mac matte lipsticks offer a variety of colors which are bright and moisturizing. The look that MAC matte lipsticks offer is that classically pure and clean “pop” of color which is what anyone wearing matte lipsticks really wants.

3. Bobbi Brown Matte Lipsticks

Many times the idea of switching from a cream lipstick to matte can be a bit concerning, if this is the case then Bobbi Brown offers a creamy matte lip color which is highly moisturizing yet offers that bit of sheen that will give you the confidence to smear it on all the while keeping its matte look obvious.

Matte Lipstick - Long Lasting Matte

Matte Lipstick – Long Lasting Matte

Best Matte Lipstick 2018

Best Matte Lipstick 2018

4. Topshop Beauty Matte Lipsticks

Topshop Beauty matte lipsticks are a favorite due to their dense pigments which seem to last forever. The velvety texture of the angled tip provides easy glide as well as precision application. The amount of colors available to experiment with is astounding.

5. Clinique Matte Lipsticks

The long-lasting, soft matte lipsticks Clinique offers are a perfect choice if you find your lips need some definition or are maybe a bit dry. Clinique provides long-lasting and beautiful color without the lipstick feathering or moving past your lip line.

6. NARS Matte Lipsticks

NARS offers bold and impacting matte colors, the hues and moisturizing textures provide a plump look to even the thinnest of lips. Do be careful and precise when applying it, make sure there are no smears or smudges.

7. Shu Uemura Matte Lipsticks

This brand provides a classic yet innovative product which is infused with ceramide making it very comfortable and soft to wear. The look offered is a modern take on a classic favorite, layering a couple of colors to find the perfect combination for you is an excellent option.

8. Revlon Matte Lipsticks

This is an all-time favorite, no one offers traditional glamour like Revlon does. They provide a large range of hues and styles that will fit every occasion and last from your morning cup of coffee to your evening glass of wine.

These are eight of the best matte lipstick on the market, those that not only provide long-lasting and beautiful colors but also much need moisture and protection from dryness. Shop around, try them out and find the brand or brands that work the best for you.